SEO Tools: A Risk-Free Deal

Any person engaged in SEO cannot do without dealing with search engines like yahoo. Checking website ranks, competition landscape research, back-link analysis -nearly every SEO task requires intensive use of SEs. And only up-to-date laser-precise data can lay the bottom for a killer SEO strategy that when implemented lets your website break into Google’s top listing. keyword rank checker api

Needless to say that manual getting involved in collecting of engine data is an ineffective time-hog. Therefore if you are seriously interested in website promotion you need to get top-class SEO tools that will effectively shoulder all routine SEO job and save your treasured time. 

But a great SEO tool should not only properly handle website marketing tasks, but also stay on friendly conditions with search engines. The point is that any SEO software makes engines look down on as it overloads their servers sending automated inquiries. So search engines may momentary block access to their data sources, which stops your software’s search for a couple of hours.

So-so SEO tools can’t handle that and you have to await to get back to work. But the leading SEO software developers have able to escape you the inconvenience even of this short pause. The top Tools are fixed with the most advanced safety measures that save you needless worries and make the process of collecting data smooth and safe.

This can be a set of features that enable you to stay safe and sound when picking up data from internet search engine:

-Human Emulation-

This feature makes SEO software queries look “natural”, so you take action like a person in engines eyes. The application uses the real browser to surf webpages like a real user, visits engines’ home pages before mailing next-in-turn query, makes randomly delays between searches and many others. Probably the only disadvantage of this method is the fact it takes a little longer to complete the tasks.

– Web proxy Rotation-

Switching between unblock proxies lets you cover the tracks when obtaining search engine data. Using Web proxy Rotation safety feature you will be able to find the data you need quick and unknown. But using this feature you must keep in mind that free unblock proxies get unresponsive or pass away very quickly. Therefore it is better to get exclusive paid unblock proxies so you could run your tasks and home and dry.

– Search engines like google API Keys-

Using API keys officially allows you running your searches and getting the info you need. But if you use API keys that sets limits on the amounts of information you get. For instance the utmost amount of queries you are officially allowed to make using Yahoo! API key is 5, 000 a day.

– User Providers Rotation-

That feature enables you appear to machines under different masks. A great SEO tool can “dress up” in various customer agents making search search engines assume that each search request comes from a different user so you can safely access search engines databases.

Some leading SEO software providers like IBP, Web CEO, Markets Samurai have also prepared their tools with these search engine safety components. So if you get top-notch SEO software you can optimize an unrestricted number of websites, run ranking and backlink inspections safely, without fear to violate engines’ policies.


And the lastly but not least on the set of search protection measures is a brand-new Anti-CAPTCHA feature. The leading SEO software provider Link-Assistant. Com has cooperated with among the finest CAPTCHA recognition services to bring people a completely CAPTCHA-free working environment and slash their work load huge. When running their searches users don’t need to stir a quick whenever a CAPTCHA appears. All CAPTCHAs get personally filled out by lightning-fast CAPTCHA entry service with no action on the user’s part. That ensures getting the best data and absolute freedom when getting involved in collecting search engines data.

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