Recapping the WWE’s Traditional January Pay Per View – The Royal Rumble 2010

January is well known amongst wrestling enthusiasts for the Royal Rumble. considering 1988, this has been a January subculture. And, considering 1989, has been featured as one of the WWE’s top of the line pay per view activitiesratingright together with summer Slam, the Survivor collection and falling proper in in the back of Wrestlemania. survivor series 2018 live stream

This 12 months‘s Rumble become held on the Philips arena in Atlanta, GA on January 31. five championship fits had beenfeatured earlier than the actual Royal Rumble eventbut only one new champion changed into topped. The Rumble occasion was doused with plenty of “short time” entrance, as lots of superstars were eliminated before the following one entered. however, the marvel entrant for this yr‘s occasion made a huge declaration

On with the suits (i can no longer critique the backstage interviews, because the fits hold the finest importance):

All fits have been referred to as by way of Michael Cole, Jerry “the King” Lawler and Matt Striker (who is turning intocertainly one of my all-time preferred colour commentators). the hole contest changed into for the ECW Championship and was between a cunning veteran and one of the maximum promising new stars. Christian did defeat Ezekiel Jackson to preserve his titlehowever Jackson’s strength absolutely posed as a fantastic competition for the ECW Champion.

In a in shape that turned into just signed this night, The Miz needed to guard his united states Championship towardsMVP. This back and forth fit ended with The Miz pinning MVP with a small bundle to maintain his U.S. name. This turned into obviously hard for MVP to just accept and he added the Playmaker and shuts The Miz up for the night.

In a healthy that pitted two of the WWE’s most hated superstars, Sheamus defended the WWE Championship in opposition to the viper Randy Orton. these have been trying to upstage one another since it become determined that Orton couldassignment Sheamus on the Rumble. It was sincerely hard to inform who the lovers were rooting for, as each receivedboos up on pinnacle of boos for every and every flow they linked with. Orton does hit the RKO and is going for a cowlbut the bell earrings earlier than the referee begins to count. Sheamus saved his title this nightthrough disqualification. Cody Rhodes got here to the hoop and hit Sheamus, which induced the ref to name for the bell.

The WWE’s girls‘s Championship was contested tonight between champion Michelle McCool and Mickie James. This was a very short fit and Mickie James picked up the win and became the new women‘s champion. The events after the healthyhad been greater interesting than the match itself. a couple of weeks in the past on Friday night Smackdown, McCool and Layla threw cake and poured punch on “Piggie” James, but the want became returned this nightall of the babyface WWE divas came to the hoopwearing a massive cake. The cake ended up throughout McCool and Layla.

In what would appear to be a mismatch by the size alone, The Undertaker defended the sector Heavyweight Championship in opposition to the biggest, little man in sports activities enjoyment, Rey Mysterio. This very solid healthywas even from each guys‘s attitude. The Undertaker ended Mysterio’s dream of becoming the sector Heavyweight Champion for the second one time with the last experience. Now we realize that whoever wins the Royal Rumble can havethe possibility to face, as this time, both Christian, Sheamus or The Undertaker for their respective titles, given they arestill champions by the time Wrestlemania rolls around.

it’s usually interesting to discover who drew numbers one and to start off the Royal Rumble. For me, the most memorable begin was while Ax and break of Demolition were the primary two entrants, numerous years in the past. This yr, Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne are the primary out. i can now not pass into element for all thirty membersonly the mostincredible ones. CM Punk turned into entrant variety three and eliminated each of his predecessors. Beth Phoenix is quantity six and it’s going to move down in history that she removed the largest man in the 2010 Royal Rumble. but how she did it is even more weird. The extremely good Khali drew the 5th spot, but become eliminated with a kiss from Phoenix. Unreal.

Triple H enters fairly early this yr, drawing range 8. There isn’t always some other elimination until the range sixteen spot, so the ring is filling up through now. The entrant that everyone might be looking is HBK Shawn Michaels. His vendetta with The Undertaker has fed on much of his lifestyles for the past two months. Michaels has claimed that he’s going to win this night‘s Rumble and visit Wrestlemania to face The Undertaker. Michaels enters on the variety 18 spot, so we’re greaterthan 1/2 manner finished.

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