How to Keep Your Shoes from Stinking

Are you troubled by the subtle but expanding smell coming from your shoes and feet? Foot smell could be made by any number of things: overuse of one pair of shoes, bacterial or fungal disease, or lack of aeration, among others. If you need to be rid of that tangy, musky, foul smell coming from your nice kicks, look no additional. Read on for a discussion of how to keep your shoes from stinking.


Wear shoes that fit you-

While your shoes don’t fit you, your feet could sweat longer than usual. Get fit before purchasing shoes and don’t be afraid to see a podiatrist if your feet start to hurt you.

Wear shoes that have breathable fabrics- 

It’s not a horribly disturbing idea, but wearing shoes with more breathable fabrics will cut down on foot-sweat and odor. Synthetic fabrics normally do not breathe well. The various breathable fabrics include:

# Cotton

# Linen

# Leather

# Hemp.

Dry out your shoes by putting them near a heater or in a sunny spot-

Take out the laces also lift the tongue up and out to dry the shoes out faster. By having them dry, you help limit bacterial growth that causes odor.

Purchase cedar wood insoles-

The cedar wood that they are caused by is antifungal and can help you stop odor. Plus, cedar smells fresh, light, and crisp, making it a great selection for removing odor and stopping bacterial growth.

Use a steam machine or try the steam feature of your washer or dryer-

Steam may assist to eradicate bacteria and fungus, thus getting rid of the odor. If you’re not worried about getting your shoes a small damp, give it a try.

Place fresh orange, lemon, grapefruit, or lime peel into the shoes-

Fresh citrus peel has a fabulous smell because of its essential oils. Leave fresh citrus peel in your shoes overnight and displace them before using. They should smell a lot better.

Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row-

We all have a favorite pair of flawlessly broken-in flats that we need to rock every day, but wearing the same set of shoes two days in a row is a recipe for stink. Why? Back-to-back days does not provide your shoes enough time to completely dry out from the earlier day’s wear. So be sure to rotate your collection so as not to repeat day after day.

Apply a foot powder-

If your feet tend to become sweaty no matter what the weather’s doing outside, then prevention is key. Your best bet is to use a foot powder like Squeaky Cheeks before you put on your shoes so your feet stay dry during the day.

Essential oils-

Drip a few drops of essential oils into your shoe to provide them a refreshing smell. Try using eucalyptus, clove, or tea tree oil. If you don’t need to put the oil directly on your shoe, drip it on a piece of paper or a tissue and put that in your shoe overnight.

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