How to Cut, Paste, Respond to a Craigslist Ad and Attach a File to an Email

Tips on how to ‘cut and paste’ textual content

Mouse to the starting of the written textual content to be highlighted.
Remaining click and hold the button down.
Drag the cursor (move the mouse) to the right and downward to highlight the text.
When your reach the lower right end of the text, let up the mouse button.
While the text is highlighted (blue or black), move the cursor in to the blue area and click. paste text
A small menu will appear.
Mouse down to where it says ‘copy’ and click on that.
The text has now been copied to the clipboard.
Move the cursor to where you want them the text.
Correct click.
On the menu that pops up mouse button down to where it says ‘paste’ and click on that.
The ripped text will now be inserted (pasted). 
Responding to a craigslist ad by email

Inside the advertisement, an email address looks where it says Reply:.
Highlight the email addresses by holding down the left button (starting around one end with the I shaped cursor not the hand ) and sliding to the other end so that it is blue.
In that case let up the kept button.
Move the little finger of the ‘hand’ cursor into the blue area and right click. A small menu screen will appear.
Click on backup to repeat that email address.
Log in to your email account (Gmail ‘Google’, Yahoo ‘Yahoo’, Hotmail ‘MSN’, etc. )
Simply click to create a new email (‘new’ in Bing, ‘Compose mail’ in Googlemail or ‘new’ in Hotmail.
Now click in the ‘To’ box and click on ‘Paste’ to substance the email address in the window.
Put something in the ‘subject’ field (such as ‘my resume’)
Add some information in the ‘body’ of the new email and click on ‘send’.
Now check your email inbox sometimes to see if someone responds.
Attaching a record (such as an application ) to an email in ‘gmail’ or ‘hotmail’

Log in to your email bank account.
Click to make a new email (‘Compose mail’ in Gmail or ‘new’ in Hotmail).
In the ‘To’ box, put the email address of the recipient.
Put something relevant in the subject field.
In the body (large box) tell the beneficiary what the email is about.
Just below the ‘subject’ box is a button (or link) expressing ‘insert’ or ‘attach’.
Hitting the button (or link) will cause a windowpane to appear.
In this window you will get around to the file to be attached as explained above (Finding Your File in Windows) if the file is in ‘My Documents’.
If the document is on a thumb drive stick to the instructions above (Finding Your Thumb Disk drive in Windows)
Once you find the file, choose it and click FINE or Attach in the bottom right corner of that box and the document will be uploaded and attached. Click ‘send’ to send the e-mail.

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