How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students?

This is certainly an era of fashion and fashion is very influential to the lives. In fact, it gives diversity to our lives by providing an aspect of enthusiasm to work for something new and different, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we were expected to decorate and work in the same manner. fashion

Fashion is an appearance of a distinctive style particularly in clothing, boots, accessories or makeup. That belongs to the style of doing something, looking different and dealing with others. It encircles a variety of categorization like behavior, conversation, actions, manners and lifestyle. There is much intelligent discussion over fashion and clothing and their importance within present day contemporary society. Fashion and clothing can be defined as several things that hold our contemporary society together. Fashion can be defined as an existing norm or style of dress, manners and way of socializing, whereas clothing is defined as clothing collectively. If fashion and clothing were eliminated from your lives there would be no room for individuality and the uk’s population would be the same. There also would be a loss in the differences between social classes, which was much defined in the 18th century but remains to be present today. The eradication of fashion and clothing would also change the dynamics of the social world and cultural relationships.

Mod, acronoym of ‘modern’, refers to a youth lifestyle that arrived out from London during 1960s and quickly propagate to other regions of the world. Being fashionable is not just desirable but also rewarding. It is very normal that the young students get interested in fashion the most and commence following the trends instantly so fashion influences our youth firmly. Fashion continually has a impact on the society. That influences our views and attitude towards social culture. We introduce new ways of lifestyle through fashion and create awareness within ourselves to reinstate a new type of customs. That is a leading sociable statement for students to call and make an outside appearance to their social group. Malcolm Barnard says in the publication Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothing have been discussed as kinds of communication” (39). Students use fashion to exchange their feelings and beliefs. They use fashion as a method of social contact with mention of the scrutiny for all forms of people. Fashion is a way of communication to convey with the world what their personality really says.

The ten years of 1920 is called the Age of Flaming Youth because of it is wild and jazzy appearance. In this period the power of youth was placed free in a new way without style appeared too ridiculous to become a high fashion. Our society has globalized. Celebrities play very important role in the lives of children. Students look up to their favorite icons to keep themselves up to date. While you’re viewing tv set or using internet, they may easily be fascinated by a variety of fashionable concepts. Moreover, the students idealize their favorite celebrities and they also have a desire to look like them so they do their best to imitate the appearance and lifestyle of their idols. They are aiming to understand all the existing fashion from their society to enhance their personality. Anytime they socialize, they speak about new things which could be adapted. They use non-natural way of appearance, speech and mannerism in their routine lives which is relatively artificial.

In my point of view, there are two categories i. e. positive and negative impact of style on students.

The fashion inside our society has a lot of negative impact on students. They only think about new fashion and this bring about spending of a huge sum of money. As a result, they are not able to identify other important needs of life. That always distracts them from studies. When a style or fashion gets in a trend, it is instantly chased by student community regardless of the fact how much hassle it leads to. On the other hand they are caught in the distress of style due to impact of society. To follow a certain fashion, one has to take up some actions also to do so some students go beyond their limits just to attract their natural environment. Eventually they become improbable rather than being ingenious and suffered with depression for being within fashion. In the other hand, it is also a thought that all the money spending on Fashion could be spent for other sorts of purposes like charity and helping the poor.

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