Best Video Players Available in Android

During the last few years, Android tablets have progressed as one of the most preferred entertainment devices. The large screen of this lightweight gizmo is a primary reason why people make use of it to view movies and other videos. Moreover, the Android iphone app store offers a plethora of online video players that enrich the general movie viewing experience. Though all tablet manufacturers give a stock video player that comes pre-installed in the device, users are free to download the best players available in the Take up store. Some of the current Android video players provide unique features that make them so popular among tablet users. you play player

a. MX Player: This online video player is undoubtedly the most popular and flexible player in the market. Apart from boosting it quality through advanced codecs, MX Player provides functions such as child locking mechanism. The child lock feature permits you to restrict access to other software and facilities on your phone while you allow your kids or guests to watch an on the gadget. Moreover, the player allows switching between hardware and the software decoder, which lets the user choose whether to use the device or perhaps the player to perform the decoding of the file format.

n. VLC Media Player: VLC is extremely popular among personal computer users and is known to take care of a myriad of video files. That made its much anticipated debut in the Google android ecosystem in mid-2012, and has been in the beta development phase after that. Although the complete version is yet to find a launch date, and despite the risks of running a beta version, several users have started out utilizing it as their default player. This is due to the beta version already has the features that folks at present enjoy in the computer system version. Video playback is flawless even at higher resolutions, while the music player is the most basic yet extremely impressive among other options on the Play store.

c. Yahoo Play Movies: This online video player developed by Yahoo only plays movies straight streamed from the Yahoo Play’s movie section. Users can buy a digital copy of the movie or rent it for a few days. The set of movies in Google’s database is nearly limitless, and the web streaming is highly optimized for a splendid display on however, cheapest Android tablets.

Placing aside the above 3 players, there are a variety other video playback programs such as RealPlayer and the VPlayer. Most of these programs can be downloaded for free, which is yet another reason why the sales amount of Android tablets has increased over time.

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