Balcony Closet: Understand if this is the best option for your home

The Envidraçamento de Sacada is an option chosen for more and more people, as it represents an additional room of the apartment. If you are not sure whether or not to close this environment, this text was made for you!


Considering that the balcony is part of the facade of the building, it is necessary to have the condominium approval, as it should follow what was proposed in the internal regulation, after approval of the majority of the owners of the apartments in assembly. In new buildings what is usually done is to approve previously the companies that can perform this service, and they already know what type of glass can be used following all the norms. The tip is always consult the management of the condo before starting any work.


In all cases of balcony closing, it is necessary to use so-calledsafetyglasses, ie, temperedorlaminated. In addition to ensuring that the new space will be free of threats and good light, they need to protect the environment from the heat and ultra violet entrance that can damage your furniture and fabrics, but beyond all your skin and your family! With this in mind, Cebrace hasdevelopedthe Habitat Line, which reduces internal heat by up to 70% and blocks almost 100% of UV rays.



In addition to deciding on the structure and design most suitable for the building, the professionals responsible for the project will also have to indicate which type of finish is ideal to close your balcony.



Closed balcony, it’s time to decorate the area, right? Of course, but first understand how to proceed with the choice of curtains and screens protecting the environment, as these issues should also be aligned with the condominium. Deciding to close or shut the balcony of your home is a step that must be taken carefully and in accordance with the rules of the condominium and with the help of the right professionals.  Ensure the best materials and respect the directions of the architect or engineer of the work in order to make the most of this space of fun and relaxation.


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